Choon-Kang (DreamTheater)

My name ist Choon-Kang.
I'm a Swiss resident where I've also grown up, although my native cultural background is South Korea. At age 13, I started listening to Heavy Metal music, the whole broad variety from tear jerking metal ballads to the brainslamming death metal and Napalm Death grind core. Progressive Metal has always been a favorite. In 1993, during my exchange year, a fellow of the species Homo Metalicus introduced me to the "Images and Words" release of Dream Theater. No big surprise, I got hooked up immediately and have remained a very loyal and dedicated fan ever since.
Traveling for Dream Theater and for music in general has become a somewhat eccentrically favored hobby of mine. There must have been some 90 concerts of Dream Theater alone around the world (at least 10 different countries) by now. And I carry the majesty symbol in two (not just one!) varieties on my skin.
My camera has always been my fellow companion. First, it was a analog SLR Canon EOS 100 (equipped with a 28-80 mm USM lens 4.5-5.6, and an 70-210 mm USM lens 4.5-5.6), in the mean time there was a canon IXUS 750 and the latest is a Poer Shot A 590. The later are smaller and easier to carry, no hassels with security. Unfortunately, there is also a loss to the quality of the pictures with the non-SLR cameras.
Today, my taste of music is very broad. I enjoy electronic music: Techno, Detroit, Electro and Trance(danceparties), Greek and Balcan world music, Hebrew and Arabic Pop, Klezmer sounds, Jazz, a solo Pianist etc... But Dream Theater has remained.
I also travel for other bands featured on my site here. At the moment, you will find Pictures of Savina Yannatou from Greece with Primavera en Salonica, featuring Kostas Theodorou from Greece and the projects of France-based DJ, Composer, Producer, love-to-turn-buttons-on-a-soundboard-live-addict and musical mastermind Philippe Cohen Solal (Gotan Project, Moonshine Sessions, ¡YA BASTA! records). And of course pictures of various metal concerts, as I attend them over time.

If there is any spare time left, I'm diving into languages. After German, Swiss German, English, French, Greek and Portuguese.

Note: My pictures are watermarked. If you would like to use them on your homepage, e-mail me.

http://www.trialoftears.net/links.html (Artwork, Covers, etc.)
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